Paint.NET 2.5.2153

Paint.Net is a freeware software for the images edition in different formats

Paint.Net is a freeware software for the images edition in different formats. It has multiple options for edition and format, is very dynamic and versatile in use. It is designed to be used in Windows operating systems. Its development started in Washington State University as a project mentored by Microsoft, and currently is being maintained by some of the students who originally worked on it.

The program has multiple functions that only can be found in commercial software, including the ability of layers usage.

As a mentored program by Microsoft, it requires installation of the .NET Framework to be use, depending on the version of Paint.NET it will require the version 1.1 or 2, that turns into a disadvantage because it depends on external components of Microsoft to be used. The program has only been developed for Windows operating systems from XP and later that show a lot about its development.

In short the program is a combination of MS paint and Photoshop providing an option to replace the basic program of MSpaint. The last version available 3.35 include the support for Vista.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Freeware
  • User-Friendly
  • Multiple options for edition


  • Its an old version
  • Requires .Net Framework (depending of the version requires framework 1.1 or 2)
  • Only developed for Windows OS
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