Paint.NET 3.22.2933.24445

Paint.NET - A painting and drawing complete tool with filters and effects

Paint.NET is an open-source freeware editor with all the essentials tools and advantages to crop, resize, rotate, adjust light, contrast and colors, create merged compositions on and from digital images or pictures.

It supports most of the common image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and many others.

Paint.NET includes layers support and semitransparent windows handling for best results. Undo/Redo functions, filters, special effects, a complete set of drawing tools such as brushes, pens, geometric forms, lines, polygons, etc.

It imports digital images from digital cameras, scanners or any picture capture device.

The included filters set includes smoothing, red eyes remover, noise removing, perspectives, as well as changing brightness, contrast, color saturation, gamma, etc.

This free software has a simple an easy and intuitive user interface, easy to learn, that remembers the basic Windows Paint utility, but that offers a lot more of tools, editing possibilities, as well as all the different image formats that it does open and save.

Ignacio Solves
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  • It's a complete and full of standards tools software for editing, and modifying photos, images and pictures


  • The remove red eyes tool is a little weak and is necessary to touch-up manually this effect
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